Police Killings Confrontation at Columbia University

So some group was protesting on campus today. They were screaming about how the police are the modern day KKK and how officers are murdering black people off. I confronted them about their incendiary rhetoric and they predictably did not respond very well. The main guy who was yelling the worst things wouldn’t even face me, as he saw I was bringing in facts. The whole confrontation was much longer than the video, but their argument can be summed up by a few of their quotes to me:

“You seem to be wrapped up in facts.”
“I don’t want to listen to you.”
“Maybe the way you learn is fact-based, but that’s not the way I learn.”
“You’re white.”
“You’re speaking from privilege.”


STAND UP: The A Track to a C- at Columbia University

So here’s the setup: I was in my discussion section for Political Theory, and in a conversation about women’s labor, my TA equated working for Hobby Lobby to slavery. She made the claim that Hobby Lobby tells workers what religion to have, what to do with their bodies, and traps them in minimum wage jobs that they can’t leave in a bad economy. Another student made the claim that American slaves were better off than the English working class in the mid-19th century. I had to say something…