Liberals Should Not Get a Free Pass to Be Racist.

Gov. Bobby Jindal

The other day, Arsalan Iftikhar, an American international human rights lawyer, went on MSNBC to discuss Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s comments about Muslim ‘no-go zones’ in Europe. He remarked “I think Gov. Jindal is protesting a bit too much, he might be trying to, you know, scrub some of the brown off of his skin as he runs to the right in a Republican presidential exploratory bid.”

This is absolutely disgusting. For some reason, some liberals think that because they have created a narrative of the ‘anti-minority right wing’, they have a free pass to be racist, because they can’t possibly…be racist. This is the exact kind of attack that we have seen over and over again on non-white conservatives who choose to espouse non-liberal views. How dare they!!!!

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Devious Sexism

In President Obama’s final press conference of they year, he only took questions from female reporters. Sexism will never go away until this kind of political hackery goes away. If the President really wanted to treat women equally, he would promote the content of their questions, and not the fact that they are women. What he did says, “It only matters that women were called on, not what they have to say.” He made a political move here to draw women into his favor, but this is condescending; women are not single-issue voters, who can only vote based on gender and are not interested in the political issues that men are interested in. This is backwards thinking from the President.

Obama Only Calls on Female Reporters