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This blog serves to reveal conservative principles.

These principles are applicable to anyone, and important to the well being of our nation.

Conservatism is about ideas and solutions that address problems concerning all people: poverty, hunger, inequality, and anything else that holds anyone back from reaching her or his full potential.

However, conservatism doesn’t rely on government bureaucracy to achieve these solutions; it relies on the individual.

People are good and deserve a better quality of life than leftist solutions have offered.

This blog will promote true conservative values in a time when they are often rewritten to fit the narrative of the left.




Bryan Griffin, Esq., is a graduate student at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. He holds a Juris Doctorate and Masters of Management from the University of Florida. From 2010-2013 Bryan held the elected office of Soil and Water Supervisor of Alachua County. He was formerly the Chairman of the University of Florida College Republicans and Executive Director of the Florida Federation of College Republicans. Bryan has managed over a dozen local campaigns, including the successful campaigns of Ed Braddy for Mayor of Gainesville and Craig Carter for Gainesville City Commission. He currently is an associate at the London Policy Center in New York City.


Benjamin Sweetwood


Benjamin Ryan is an undergraduate at Columbia University in New York where he majors in political science with a focus on international relations and Chinese foreign policy. He has provided research for some of Columbia’s leading Political Science professors. Ben has worked at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, providing research for various scholars. He also worked as a personal research assistant to noted author, columnist, and pundit Jonah Goldberg. At Columbia University he chaired the American Enterprise Institute’s Executive Council, was President of Christians United for Israel, and was the Vice President of Students Supporting Israel. 


Note: the views expressed on this blog represent the opinions of the authors as individuals and are not those of any group, organization, or company with which the authors are affiliated.

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