Hysterical Populace – Part II: Based Stickman is Not a Hero

Yeah, so…Based Stickman is the present darling hero of the alt-right. He’s this guy who gained internet fame at the so-called “Battle of Berkeley” where amidst a clash of protesters, Kyle Chapman, dressed in some sort of amalgamation of various gear one might find in a zombie killing video game, started bashing anti-Trump protesters with a stick:

From then on he became known across Reddit boards everywhere as Based Stickman, a hero of right wing edgelords. He has tens of thousands of twitter followers, and the alt-right has lionized him into a mythical superhero.


To all of this I say, “what in the holy hell?” This guy is not a hero, he isn’t brave, he is a nut, acting like a five-year old bully at playtime. Now I get it, he’s in his early twenties, he still has that sense of rebelliousness, he still thinks The Dark Knight is a documentary…he….oh what wait…he’s 41 years old?


So you mean to tell me that this is a 41-year old adult male dressing up in a costumes and wielding a stick as a weapon? Oh.

Pathetic and he is being heralded for his actions. Let me be very clear, no one and I MEAN NO ONE, among Antifa or the alt-right, who is going out and pushing dumpsters towards each other, is fighting for anything. It doesn’t matter who wins the dumpster fight, no values are actually being fought over, these are just immature, bored, vandals, who want to break stuff and pretend like they’re battling for the fate of this country without having to go to Iraq and risk having their faces blown off. Listen, I don’t have to tell you who the real heroes are (actual soldiers), we already know, I am not trying to virtue signal with that, it is simply the truth.

These people are bored and are living out the fantasies they wish could be reality. Chapman has created something called the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights. That sounds cool actually right? There’s a lot of bored, nerdy, socially inept young men out there who do nothing but play video games all day, among other activities of idle hands, that would really like to be a part of something like that. I’d also like to be a real life knight, I always have. But, I know that in reality it’s stupid, so morally, I cannot take part in something like that as much as it might be SUPER COOL.

Watch this guy speak (0:45 – 1:15):

What the heck is he talking about? “A lot of guys ready to fight and bleed for freedom”? He’s NUTS. He just looks NUTS, like he’s only half here kind of NUTS. Should that surprise us? No. This is a 41 year old man who has gained notoriety for playing make believe.

Furhtermore, this is also a man who, according to Heavy, “has served three separate prison terms for jumping bail, weapons charges, robbery and violating parole.” He’s also admitted to drinking heavily, abusing vicodin and doing cocaine. This guy’s brain is probably fried.

In July 2008 according to Heavy, he was charged with two counts of being a felon in posession of a firearm. He was arrested at his home, and a “search by authorities found body armor, a pistol, throwing knives, marijuana, brass knuckles and…ammo.” This guy is nuts and weaponized, this never ends well.

And now with context, to repeat, the alt-right has chosen Kyle as their champion.

Watch here how he just punches a protester in the face:

You might say, “Hey, they were being threatening. It was self-defense.” First off, no. You have to be some kind of nuts to swing at someone’s face with such little hesitation. If you, kind reader, do not feel comfortable punching other people in the face, DO NOT feel bad, you are normal. Secondly, Antifa’s violence is frequent yes, but irrelevant. The violence here is Kyle’s. He is not only a bully, he is a criminal, a delinquent. This video, by the way, was entitled, “BASED Stickman PUNCHES a mouthy SJW” by the Youtuber who uploaded it. Yeah because that’s what people with more right minded views want to be right? People who physically assault others who are “mouthy”? Good job alt-right, you are now on the level of Antifa and have legitimized them. To anyone who sees this man as a hero, wake up, you are going down the wrong road. You are following the wrong people. This is not who you have to be.

But Kyle Chapman may yet persist, if he doesn’t go to jail again, which he should for his violence, because his horde of dweeb followers are financially supporting his stupidity. This is not a good man, and that the alt-right gives him a platform to do what he does is shameful.

The right can do better than this, and that’s not an endorsement of the GOP establishment either. People, rational people, there are enough of them, can be convinced, especially given how crazy the left has become nowadays. Middle of the road folks are literally begging for an alternative to the regressive left. Then they centralize a bit, get a glimpse of Based Stickman, and PEACE, They are back home in San Francisco listening to Alinksy Concerto No. 9, curled up by their solar-powered fireplace, reading the Communist Manifesto.

Wake up everyone. Let’s be compassioante, considerate, peaceful adults.


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