Hysterical Populace: Part I – A Reminder

In 2015 murder was out of control in the United States. You could walk into any Panera Bread and, boom!, shanked. Of course, of the killings, radical political movements accounted for a large chunk. White supremacists accounted for guess how many of the killings? About half. America as usual. Radical leftists, like the one who shot Rep. Scalise, accounted for another 15%.

Okay, if you believed that you’re nuts. But examining the rhetoric following the events in Charlottesville, you’d think America has a huge white supremacist homicide problem despite the KKK’s imposing .001% makeup in the U.S. population.

Killings and violence by extremists just don’t happen that often – at least in the U.S. It’s hysteria and selfishness that make the Scalise shooter and the White Supremacist killer seem like common occurrences, as it takes unique neglect of the truth to arrive at such a conclusion. We can sit here and normalize psychos and fringe movement and further our own claims of grievance for the groups we have an identity-driven stake in or we can look at the facts.

In 2015 there were 4.9 murders per 100,000 people in the U.S. In comparison, the murder rate in Baltimore in 2015 was 55.2, in Detroit it was 43.8, in D.C. it was 24.1, in Las Vegas it was 20.1, in Chicago it was 17. Thanks to a glorious murder rate of 9.7 in the country’s 30 largest cities (which doesn’t include New Orleans at 42.7 and Cleveland at 30.8), the U.S. murder rate (per 100,000 people) actually got up to 4.9.

You are very unlikely be to be killed in America, for any reason. You have a much better chance if you live in crime ridden parts of urban areas though.

What’s going on in this country right now is hysteria, engendered in order to score political points. People are sitting lustfully on their couches, salivating for any event to take place that they might use to further their own political agenda. A few weeks ago a psycho shot up a congressional baseball game. For awhile, a popular narrative was that leftists like to shoot people. The stats don’t support that. Nor do they support that white supremacists are running around killing people.

We won’t get anywhere as a country until, rather then constructing narratives to suit preordained conclusions in order to support groups we “belong” to, we attempt, as individuals, to seek out the most objective form of the truth as close as we can get to it. Instead, we have two groups of idiots running around, pushing dumpsters at each other. Neither side is actually fighting for any sort of ideals. It’s just a way to cosplay, waste time, and make angry noises.


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