Griffwood Post Endorses Donald Trump for President

America needs a revitalization of its confidence and its resolve. For eight years, President Obama has introduced domestic legislation that relies on government-centered solutions, and a foreign policy that sows resentment around the world through hesitancy to act and broken promises.

Hillary Clinton promises more of the same and worse. A Clinton Presidency means America continues to decline both on the world stage and in the minds of the American people.

Abroad, the world has always looked to America to do the right thing. Syrians are caught in the middle of a bloody civil war, many residents of the Middle East live under brutal regimes, and anxious world observers of the rise of China and Russia are looking for reassurance that the world won’t devolve into global chaos. Thousands in the bloody path of the Islamic State desperately seek a lifeline. There is no hope for these victims under a Clinton presidency. As Secretary of State, Clinton demonstrated a severe lack of judgment in her support of the Iran deal, the shifting Syrian red-line on chemical warfare, and the disastrous intervention in Libya. Obama spent eight years doing as little as possible on the world stage, and Clinton supported him. Clinton also demonstrated a willingness to lie to the American people when she told the world a video spurred on the attacks in Benghazi. Clinton’s time as Secretary of State was only a preview of the Clinton foreign policy doctrine, which we at Griffwood are terming ‘The Nero Doctrine’. A Clinton administration would mean a world that continues to burn.

At home, our economy suffers under the weight of an expensive, burdensome government. At her rallies and within her policy proposals, Clinton only offers government as a solution to the country’s economic concerns.

Trump recognizes the power of the free market and innovation to build society and empower individuals.

Clinton, like many liberal elites in Washington, wants to continue to build a system of dependency that tells lower income Americans that they must rely on the government for their well-being, and incentivizes stagnation. This unspoken dependency state is both morally reprehensible and unsustainable.

Trump has made mistakes, including his talk about women. No one should overlook this, including us at Griffwood post. But Trump stated that he was embarrassed, and apologized. We intend to hold him to that apology. He was also wrong when he overreached with his proposed policy on Muslim immigration and when he used overly broad rhetoric to discuss Mexicans coming over the border illegally. That said, he has evolved on those issues, and has altered his message accordingly.

Throughout her political career, Hillary Clinton has been enshrouded in scandal, questions about her ethics, and shady dealings. Clinton has numerous conflicts of interest with abusive foreign governments that have donated to her foundation, some while she was Secretary of State. She also casually dismisses her carelessness in handling sensitive information on a private email server. The next president of the United States cannot afford to be so careless and blasé about endangering national security.

Donald Trump has outlined a six-point policy plan to end corruption in the US political system, which he has termed “Draining the Swamp.” Griffwood Post applauds this plan, and supports any leader that returns power to the masses while removing the influence of big-money and government corruption.

Trump has also dared to speak uncomfortable truths in politics. He has spoken about Islamic terrorism, the abuse of gays and women in fundamentalist Islamic world, and the violence that is taking place in many communities around the United States. The suffering of the world’s peoples cannot be ignored. It needs to be highlighted by the American President and brought to the forefront of the dialogue in the international and domestic community.

Trump has also touched on the uncomfortable but pressing subject of securing our porous southern border, reasserting the necessity of a functioning legal immigration system.

Trump has been called divisive, racist, sexist, and more by his political opponents, all for addressing pressing issues. Griffwood Post does not believe Trump is any of these things. Hillary Clinton decries divisiveness, but applauds it when it works for her. There is no reason to believe Hillary Clinton would be a unifying force for the country, or that she would make us “stronger together.”

Finally, it is important to consider the caliber of people that Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with. WikiLeaks has revealed that Clinton’s team is as duplicitous and unethical as she is. Whether it’s her team’s back door deals to keep Bernie Sanders from the nomination, their inclination to “dump” problem emails, or the DNC’s willingness to engage in voter fraud or unfair debate advantages, we’ve seen it all from the Clinton camp. We cannot allow people who engage in these types of activities to have the keys to the White House.

Donald Trump has proposed policies that we at Griffwood Post believe would strengthen the future of our nation and has addressed issues that desperately need attention. Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime in politics with little to show for it. Her rhetoric is empty, her track record is terrible, and her policies are overwhelmingly in favor of big government expansions. There is one hope to avoid the destructive future of a Clinton administration, and that is for Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton on November 8th.




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