Democrats Pay Black Employees 30% Less Than White Employees

The New Organizing Institute has come out with a study that shows that Democratic campaigns pay their black employees substantially less than their white employees.

The study, which you can find here shows That Democrats pay black staffers 30%…YES, that’s right…30% less than white staffers. The Republicans have a pay disparity too but it is only 11.5% between blacks and whites AND, the overall pay is MUCH better in Republican campaigns for everyone. Republicans pay their black employees about 40% more than Democrats do, though as blacks overwhelmingly lean Democratic, Dem campaigns have many more black employees. So, what does this say about the party that is supposedly “all about minorities?”

If you are wondering Democrats also pay their Hispanic employees 32.% less than their white employees. Republicans on the other hand, pay Hispanic employees only 11% less than whites. Republicans pay their Hispanic employees 42% more than their democratic counterparts.

Now this is not to say that Democrats are discriminating against any certain group of people. We at Griffwood Post will never use that tactic. However, if they want to attack Republicans, business owners, and America in general as racist because of pay inequality then they have to concede that the big biggest racial inequality happens in their own party.


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